"If one could run without getting tired I don't think one would often want to do anything else." -- C. S. Lewis

Monday, May 23, 2011

Photographic Evidence....

Race photos from the Gettysburg North-South Marathon arrived the other day.  Looking through them I had to chuckle at them as I obviously morphed from an oh-so-happy marathon runner to a when-is-it-gonna-end-already? marathon runner.  See for yourself:
Somewhere early in the race.  See how happy I am?!

 Still fairly early in the race as I'm bookin' down a hill.  Looking perky and energetic with my magnificent hairdo!

 Will this race never end?!  Obviously struggling to stay alive.  There's a very, very large overweight women just ahead of me, somewhere after mile 20 (you can just see her elbow to the left in the photo).  There is NO WAY she's going to beat me!!!

Crossing the finish line!!  Somewhere between happy and exhausted....

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  1. Nice pics! Although, I always smile for the camera. Had a couple of really candid shots taken in the past and vowed that I'd never let that happen again!!! :-)